Interview with Angel Scotch, FAYM College Scholarship Recipient

Angel Scotch is an alumnus of Valley High School. He has been playing cello for 6 years, and is currently pursuing a Bachelors in Music Performance in Cello as UNLV Honors College.

What made you chose your instrument?
It’s kinda funny. At first I wanted to play violin, but are class only had two cellos in it and my teacher asked if any wanted to transfer over to balance out the class. I said why not and did it kind of on a whim.

Did you attend any music camps during high school?
I went to the FAYM orchestra camps in the summer of 2016 and 2017.

Describe a life experience have you have had because of music?
I have had the opportunity to play at the Smith Center with Professional for the pops concert. It was really amazing to play with the musicians. It was really cool to play in that huge performance hall. This one of my favorite things that I have done so far.

Do you have a favorite pop tune you like to play on your instrument?
I like to play songs from the cartoon called Adventure Time.

Does your instrument have a name?
No. It’s just a cello.

Who is your favorite orchestra?
My favorite orchestra is the Berlin Philharmonic.

Who is your role model/mentor?
When I think about what I want to be as a cellist, I think about Yo Yo Ma and the Piano guys. They are actually having a career in music and having fun with it.

Do you have any pets? What do they do while you practice?
I have two cats. The boy’s name is Stimpy and the girl’s name is Princess. During my lessons, my cats would go to my old cello teacher to get pets and Stimpy sometimes comes over to investigate what sound is.

If you didn’t play cello, what instrument would you play?
Probably the violin or the piano.

What is your favorite classical piece to play?
Really just anything baroque. I really like the Bach Cello Suites. When you play the piece it feels sacred. You can really feel what the composer is trying to convey through it. I learned about this while watching Yo Yo Ma play.

How many years do you have left in college?
This will be my first year starting in the fall.

What are your musical highlights from this past year at your college?
About a year ago, I played this junior recital for an IB Music class at Valley. This was the first time that I have really ventured into solo performance. I played Tchaikovsky and Bach. I had a lot of fun playing in front of my class.

How is playing in college different than playing in middle school and high school?
I think it will be a lot more because music in high school they let you take your time to prepare for your concert. I know that in college you are given full symphonies and you have to learn the piece quickly. I will have to spend a lot more time practicing.

How many hours a week did you practice in high school? How is practicing different now?
I practiced about 7 hours a week in high school. I think I will have a more set schedule for it in college. I have talked to my music teacher about how kids can practice eight hours a day. My teacher talked about how a girl she knew would wake up early and practice. She would practice in chunks rather than taking it all on at once.

Why did you decide to study music in college?
It is something that I have always had a bit of a talent for. It’s something that would be really rewarding as a career and would be worth it. This is something that I would like to keep working through it rather than being lazy and stopping when my raw ability hasn’t been enough.

How many hours a week do you spend playing your instrument?
I probably play an average of 12 hours a week.

Where would you like to see yourself in 10 years?
I would like to see myself teaching private lessons and having a masters degree. I would also like to play with Las Vegas Philharmonic or maybe another orchestra. Who knows a lot can happen in 10 years.

If you could go back in time to your middle school years, what would you tell yourself?
You really should practice because you are going to decide to become a musician.

How has FAYM helped you?
The biggest thing that FAYM helped me with was to help me get private lessons. I hadn’t taken a lesson until the summer after my sophomore year. When I attended the FAYM summer camp, I was exposed to different people and got really interested in furthering my development with the help of a teacher.



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