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October 31, 2017
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Dear Friends and FAYM Family,
We have a lot of talented FAYMsters in our program, and one of the major factors in our program’s success is their parents. It is the parents who transport the children to and from lessons, make sure they arrive at performances on time, prepare receptions for the students after a concert, and are always there to support their young musicians! Some of our parents bring children to the community center 4 days a week and never complain. They could be home cooking, cleaning, at a job, or just relaxing, but instead they spend that time in the car and at the community center during the lessons.

This dedication alone is enough to show how awesome FAYM parents are! But that’s not all they do. As many of you know, we recently started our Mariachi program. During the first class, I gathered the parents and asked their help in designing and acquiring the group’s Mariachi outfits. Immediately, ideas started flying between them. One knew someone who could make red sashes, another knew someone who could make the large red bow ties, another was planned to find a pattern for the girl’s black skirts. The whole group came together as one to make this a reality! Within three weeks, our Mariachi had its first performance at the East Las Vegas Community Center during their Hispanic Month celebration. Our students came on stage sounding like a true Mariachi thanks to their instructor, and looking the part thanks to their parents.

Parents also started asking if we could arrange guitar lessons for them to learn to play and accompany our students. It started with two parents and has quickly grown to 5! Their goal is to someday play with the group. I feel this is a wonderful opportunity for a parent to participate in an activity with their own child. I can only imagine the memories that they will soon be creating! We hope this program will grow and expand to include other instruments typical of a Mariachi group. We still need a guitarón, a vihuela, a trumpet, and a two octave harp to complete the group. I have no doubt that all this will eventually come together.
Our parents are very supportive, and are currently engaged in a candy sales fundraiser. It is very rewarding to see that they are willing to do whatever is needed in order to help FAYM continue.

I frequently tell our students that they are lucky to have such great parents! A special thanks to all our parents for all they do.
Arturo F. Ochoa
Board President of FAYM


FAYM needs you!
Did you know that administration for the FAYM program is done entirely by volunteers? We have some special projects this fall, and we need your talents to make them happen!
• FAYM is looking for a bilingual volunteer to translate materials, like this newsletter, from English to Spanish.
• The FAYM Mariachi Band needs help with uniforms. Can you donate your sewing skills?

If you can help us with any of these needs please contact Art Ochoa at ochoaart@netscape.net


Fall 2017 Calendar


Thanksgiving Break – NO CLASS
Monday, November 20th to
Thursday, November 23rd

Winter Recital
Saturday, December 9th
11am to 1:30pm
East Las Vegas Community Center

Winter Break – NO CLASS
Monday, December 18th to
Friday, January 5th


Meet Ms. McFadden!

Elizabeth McFadden has been teaching FAYM classes for 5 years. She was only 6 years old when she decided that she would pursue a career that involved music when she grew up. She is currently an orchestra teacher at Legacy High School. Her favorite genre of music is classical and the hardest piece of music she has learned is Mozart’s 1st Concerto in G.

Q: When and how did you become a teacher with FAYM?
A: I became a FAYM teacher in 2013. I saw an email come through at work and applied for it.
Q: How long have you been teaching music? How did you get started?
A: I started teaching private violin lessons when I was 16. I started playing violin when I was 6. When I was sitting in group lessons with my teacher and peers I always wanted to be just like my teacher. I thought she was amazing. I still try to be like her.
Q: Tell us about an adult who inspired you to pursue music during your childhood.
A: My aunt is a violinist and this is why I started playing. My mother kept me inspired when I wasn’t. She practiced with me every day until I was in high school. It was not always fun but it was consistent. These two women helped me develop my future.
Q: What class(es) do you teach for FAYM?
A: Pearson Groups 1 and 3
Q: What are you working on with your students this semester?
A: We are working on correct posture, playing in tune, creating a good sound, and having fun.
Q: What qualities or skills do you want your students to leave your class with at the end of the year?
A: I want my students to love music and understand that many times it takes hard work and team work to create great experiences in life.


Meet Our Newest Golden Violin Winner

At our October 21st Fall Recital, Sabdy Cordon was awarded the Golden Violin Award. Currently taking both advanced orchestra and beginning cell with FAYM, Ms. Cordon is our 9th student to receive this honor. She is also one of the youngest Golden Violin recipients to date.

To learn more about the Golden Violin Award and how students can earn this honor, visit our website.


Meet Bella Pobsuk

Bella is a 7th grade FAYMster hoping to one day attend UCLA and major in Psychology. She also won the Golden Violin in the summer of 2017. It runs in the family! Her sister, Alla won the Golden Violin 2 years ago.

Q: When you first played it, could you hear a difference in the sound of your Golden Violin compared to the violin you previously had? What was the difference?
A: My new golden violin was more vibrant sound. I could automatically tell it was a violin that took lots of time and effort to craft and perfect.
Q: How did you feel when the Golden Violin was placed in your hands?
A: I felt a new sense of overwhelming pride. I had won my own masterpiece and I earned it. From then on I knew I’d make beautiful music with it and it’s definitely something I’ll cherish for a lifetime!
Q: What made you work for and apply for the Golden Violin?
A: I worked and applied for Golden Violin because I wanted an instrument of my own. My older sister had also won a Golden Violin and I could hear and see the great quality. I knew the results would be something to cherish and it would be something I earned alone.
Q: What was the most challenging part for you to earn the Golden Violin?
A: When going through my process of earning the golden violin I faced many challenges. None of which included the requirements necessary to apply for the violin. Volunteering, performing, and sharing my knowledge were things I can do with ease. The most difficult task was to develop all the skills necessary to execute beautiful art.
Q: Was it worth all the time and effort you put into this?
It definitely was worth the time and effort. I earned a beautiful instrument and an accomplishment I’ll always remember. I’ve also gained a sense of pride I’ll always have when I set eyes on my violin.
Q: Do you have any advice you want to offer our other FAYM students that are thinking of applying for their Golden Violin?
My advice to other students would be never to give up. Having success to reach what you want and prove to yourself that you can earn an instrument is also helpful in reaching your goals.





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