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September 29, 2017
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Dear Friends and FAYM Family,

The FAYM Board has been very busy this summer. First, we were very fortunate to find two new members to join our board. I would like to welcome Mr. Chris Bonds and Mr. Cornelius Eason as our newest members. I am confident that the skills and knowledge that they bring to the board will help us improve our program so that our FAYMsters get the best music education possible!

Second, we have been making plans for the new instructional year and planning our 10th Anniversary Gala which will occur on Friday, November 3. We are looking forward to inviting individuals whose generous donations have allowed FAYM to continue and grow for so many years! Parents of our students are very grateful to all these generous individuals that have made a difference in the lives of our children. Our Gala is a way of saying thanks for their continued support. If anyone has access to possible silent auction/raffle/door prizes, please contact me, Arturo Ochoa. I thank our parents in advance for all their efforts in helping us to keep music in the hands and hearts of our students!

Classes have resumed and our students are very excited to be back. We started a new class of students at the East Las Vegas Community Center and another at the Pearson Center. It is exciting to welcome them and their parents into the FAYM family!

We now have a Cello II class and a Beginning Cello class. We recently purchased five new cellos and a sixth was donated to us. On September 12, our new cello students were issued the cello that they will be taking home to practice. They were very excited and pleased to finally put away their ‘stick’ bows and start using a real bow!

We also now have a Beginning Orchestra and an Advanced Orchestra, giving opportunities to students with different ability levels. They are sounding great! We also started our first Mariachi class this semester, which you can read more about in this month’s newsletter.

On a special note, my birthday is in September. The students who qualified for the Mariachi class found out and decided to dedicate their first song as a band to me! I stood there filled with emotion as they played Las Mañanitas. What an honor for me to receive their first song as a birthday gift!
Arturo F. Ochoa
Board President of FAYM


FAYM needs you!
Did you know that administration for the FAYM program is done entirely by volunteers? We have some special projects this fall, and we need your talents to make them happen!
• FAYM is looking for a bilingual volunteer to translate materials, like this newsletter, from English to Spanish.
• FAYM is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this fall with a gala event. We are looking for special raffle prizes for this event. Can you donate a prize?
• The FAYM Mariachi Band needs help with uniforms. Can you donate your sewing skills?

If you can help us with any of these needs please contact Art Ochoa at

Fall 2017 Calendar

Fall Recital
Saturday, October 21st
3pm to 5:30pm
East Las Vegas Community Center

FAYM 10th Anniversary Gala
Friday, November 3rd
6pm to 11pm
East Las Vegas Community Center

Thanksgiving Break – NO CLASS
Monday, November 20th to
Thursday, November 23rd

Winter Recital
Saturday, December 9th
11am to 1:30pm
East Las Vegas Community Center

Winter Break – NO CLASS
Monday, December 18th to
Friday, January 5th

FAYM’s First Mariachi Class

Auditions for our new Mariachi class were held on Thursday, September 7. Nineteen students auditioned and 8 scored high enough to be accepted. Those students who did not make the cut were invited to audit the class. They can observe what is being taught and will receive any music that is given to the Mariachi students. This way, they can practice at home and improve their skills for the next audition opportunity.
We will schedule more auditions in December so that more students can join the Mariachi class in the spring semester.

Stick Bow to Real Bow

Monday September the 18th was a very exciting day for beginning violin students at the Pearson Center. For the past few weeks, they have been learning how to hold a violin bow by practicing with stick bows – two foot long wooden dowels with small blocks of wood simulating the frog of the bow. Using this stick bow they have learned various techniques to master a proper bow hold. They were anxious and excited to graduate from their stick bow and to have a real violin and bow checked out to them to take home and practice what they are learning in class.

The room was filled with excitement as one by one, students were called to the front of the class, measured for a proper size violin, and given their complete violin setup including case, bow, violin, and shoulder rest. Smiles filled the room as each child was handed their violin.

Once each student had their violin, Ms. McFadden gave instructions on how to protect their instruments from harm. Students listened intently as they were given instructions on how to install the shoulder rest. Next they learned the basics of how to hold the violin on their left shoulder with slight downward pressure from their chin on the chin rest.


You can support FAYM students at our website.
FAYM keeps our costs low by relying on highly qualified volunteers to handle our administrative tasks.
You can be sure that your donation will go directly to scholarship assistance, program support, and student lessons.





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