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FAYM’s “Violins for Kids” program was initiated in 2009 with the intention of providing underserved children in the Las Vegas community a chance to better their futures through music. Since that time FAYM has been providing students with instruments, lessons, and camp experiences free of charge.

The Foundation hires professional staff musicians to conduct group lessons focused on building skill, community, and kindness so that students are more inclined to continue playing all the way into college.

To date FAYM has raised $420,000 for scholarships and programs and has helped to secure over $400,000 in scholarship assistance for high school and university age musicians from fine musical institutions in the United States. You are invited to join us in furthering this mission.

Hal Weller

FAYM Founder/Trustee


FAYM is hiring Violin Instructors for its tuition-free group classes

FAYM is hiring Violin Instructors for its tuition-free group classes. Presently there are 150 students divided into skill levels from beginners to 5th year players. Youngsters begin in third grade and have had great success in remaining and continuing in this after school program. Please see the job description below for information about duties, compensation, and how to apply. This is an amazing opportunity to work with students who would not otherwise receive this gift. The time commitment is manageable for teachers and players while earning an extra income and additional benefits to current employment.


Job Brief:

The Foundation to Assist Young Musicians (FAYM) is now hiring for the positions of violin instructor for its group classes. There are positions in each of 6 levels ranging from 3rd grade to high school and skill levels from beginners to fifth year players.
Each FAYM class meets twice a week for an hour — either Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs. First session starts at 4pm; second session at 5pm. Classes are held at the East Las Vegas Community Center. Classes begin on September 14th. A paid orientation/training session will be held during the week of the September 1st, 2015. The contract is for 9 months – ending June 9th, 2016.

Violin Instructor Duties:

Instructor is responsible for class to be set up to begin promptly on time.
Instructor will teach from the provided curriculum but will have some flexibility in the choice of materials for their course.
Instructor will put an emphasis on posture, intonation, kindness, and public performance.
There will be four required Saturday recitals (one each quarter) during the year.
Take attendance daily
Communicate with the program coordinator.
Instructor will be evaluated each quarter by the program coordinator.

Violin Instructor Skills and Qualifications:

Must be a violinist with a background that includes playing in an orchestra, has studied classically, and is knowledgeable about violin pedagogy.
Experience in group teaching desirable.
Proficiency in Spanish is helpful but not required.


$35 – $50 per class hour plus benefits (social security/workman’s compensation) depending on qualifications. Instructors are considered “employees” not “independent contractors”.
Instructors will be paid a flat rate of $100 to attend recitals and assist with set up/tear down and managing their students to perform and behave in a professional manner.

How to Apply:

Please send your resume of teaching and playing experience to no later then August 12th. A confirmation email will be returned to you with a date and time for an in-person interview. If you have any questions please contact Tim Thomas, FAYM Program Coordinator, at (208)-514-9723.



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